Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walk & Pool Time

Sunday I walked 9.3 miles in 2 hrs & 40 minutes. Team Challenge participated in the Brentwood 5 & 10k. Myself and teammate Kelley were the only 2 walkers to do all 9.3 miles. We came in after the stop clock was shut down, but we didn't care, we were just happy to have done it and now we know what it will be like to do the half marathon in July. My legs were numb by the time I finished, but I felt great and could have kept on going. This is definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I'm so glad I have someone that walks at the same pace I do to keep pushing eachother along. I can't wait for the race in Napa!!!

Yesterday was the first day I spent time in a pool & laying in the sun. Hung out at one of my favorite spots in Palm Springs. The massive bandaide I had one didn't do the trick the 1st attempt in the water, but held out on the 2nd attempt after changing it. Things definitely felt different in the water and my stoma moved more than ever. Either I was having a bad day or water impacts me in a different way. All in all I'm happy I was able to partake in something I enjoy doing.

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