Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surprise Gift

My son Ian is graduating on Thursday and today we are celebrating with his great grandmother Juanita since she will not be here on that day. She is giving Ian a big gift and we've kept it a surprise for months now. Last November their great grandfather Jack passed away. He was an incredible man and we miss him dearly. It was just his birthday...unfortunately I can't remember if it's the 18th or 19th because Jack & Juanita's birthday's were back to back. So just before he passed away he told grandma that he wanted Ian to have his truck. Today Ian is getting his first car and funny enough he doesn't have his drivers license yet, but I can't wait to see the look on his face. He has no clue! I'm sure I will cry from the joy on his face. I've been crying for weeks now thinking about my son graduating from high school and becoming a man (crying now just typing this out). I even started crying when I read through all the graduation cards...having found the perfect one that says everything I feel.

How do they grow up so fast? It feels like he was just born yesterday. My first child is graduating high school...still blows my mind. Now he'll be starting college and living an adult life soon. Fortunately he's not leaving the nest just yet, but when he does I don't know what I will do. For now I will keep guiding him through life as best as I can and hope that he will make the right decisions for himself. I'm truly blessed to have such an incredible son. I LOVE YOU IAN!

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers in my life. To my husband, thank you for being a great dad to the boys. I'm so grateful you are in their life and that you have helped make them who they are today. Your guidance and faith in their dreams has been a true blessing.

****update from the event: Ian opened the box and at first he had this look of confusion...then he started to cry when he realized what he just got and who it came from. He was so overwhelmed with emotion and we all started to cry. Here's a picture of him after the tears wore off and the excitement set in****

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