Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

Well today is a rainy saturday...I headed out for a walk and the sky wasn't looking so nice so I took a quick walk to the donut shop (for the kids of course) and headed back just in time to be caught in some rain, but didn't get soaking wet...phew! Now off to do some work at the office while there is peace and quiet in there....GOTTA LOVE IT!

It's funny how you start your blog out thinking you would write every and keep a complete journal of your experience, but then life takes over and you are back to reality with work, kids, family, etc. As of late I'm going full out with food...some not so good experiences, but good to learn. Threw up last weekend for the first time...that sucked! Found it to be no different than with the jpouch except that I was a little nervous that my pouch was empty and had gone oh 10 hours before anything did come out. I've learned I can handle beer quite well, but a glass of wine will get me drunk in 5 seconds. I was never a beer drinker before so it's something new. Last night we went out with some co-workers (we all work in different offices) & their partners and we had a blast...we laughed so hard my stoma was aching. We will forever have a running inside joke...thanks Ruth!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Barbie Butt..LOL

This young new K pouch patient described her new look down there as a Barbie butt...I thought that was the greatest thing in the world...laughed my ass off when I finally got it. We have to find some humor in all we endure. Since my original analysis of my now looks normal...well as normal as it can be. At this point I really don't care any more...I'm just grateful to be healthy again and doing so well with everything. So to all the new folks with a K pouch...welcome to the Barbie or Ken (for all you men) show ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a week

Work has definitely been challenging and I find myself exhausted by 8pm. I lay in bed and my feet start cramping and I think...did I drink enough today? It seems like no matter how much I drink (incorporating grape or prune juice throughout the day) it just doesn't seem to be enough, so I down a vita pack and try and get some sleep hoping that tomorrow will be an easier day. With the jpouch it took all of 2 minutes to I spend sometimes up to 30 minutes between preping, intubating, cleaning up & bandaging....I think 15 has been my shortest. But I look back on what the fisutla infection was causing to my body and I thank God this surgery was available. In my eyes it was another success and as afraid as I was to have it...I am really grateful. I've tested out some new foods this week and did really well. I'm learning to not be so afraid and just give it a try. There are some foods I will forever stay away from, but I can live with that. My next hurdle is getting the courage to start training for the half marathon in July...dehydration is my fear. It's time to put fears to rest.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Work Week 1 Accomplished

Well I got thru my first week of work without injury. I could totally see myself getting caught up and missing my schedule so I've started setting my alarm for a half hour earlier to give me some time to stop what I'm doing and take care of business. Thank god my staff is very supportive and realizes the importance of this. It's really hard to describe how similar yet different a koch pouch is from a j pouch. I used to run to the bathroom multiple times in a day, but the feeling was the same as everyone else. Now I have to be on a clock or recognize the signs when it's full. I get so caught up in things I'm doing and am so trained to be free that way that I tend to lose track or allow myself to get side tracked...that is not possible with a koch pouch. My goal this week (last week at 6 hrs) is to put up positive affirmations in my office and to not allow the intensity of my job get in the way of my health. I love what I do, but I love my life more.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work day 2

Well I still don't have system access, but it's probably for the me a chance to ease into work. Went to Westlake Village yesterday and Santa Monica today to sit with other Ops Mgrs and get a feel for all the changes that took place while I was out. So far my pouch seems to be acting normal (aside from the thick output) so I'm really happy with that. Seems my body has taken to the pouch very well and I'm slowly venturing out of my comfort zone when it comes to food. Had sushi problems. Thank goodness cause I LOVE sushi! I'm also adapting well to emptying in public...figuring out what I need to make that easier as well. So all in all...I'm doing pretty good....yay!!!!