Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Special Day

Happy Birthday to Kaleb who turned 2 today. He was so cute opening his presents and blowing out his candles. Can't believe how much he says and how open he is to learning new things. He can actually say ZiZi which is really hard to say for most people. When he tells me love you ZiZi and give me a big hug I just melt.

13 yrs ago we lost my grandfather...we called him Pepe...to pancreatic cancer, it would have been his 87 yrs old today. When Kaleb was born 2 yrs ago we all cried because it was such a special day for him to be born. He was 3 weeks early and we kept saying he was going to be born on Pepe's birthday and sure enough he came on his own that very day. So every year we have a lot to celebrate.

Love you & miss you terribly Pepe. See you in my dreams.

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